design and development


Trans-Tech provides design support to companies for components or subsystems development or offers the most appropriate resources to support the customer activities also guaranteeing co-location.

The services range from concept to systems engineering design support, to equipment and systems detailed design: using methodologies, regulations, standards and CAE tools commonly used in industry for the design, analysis and simulation.

Our support goes from feasibility study to engineering activities for production, integration, testing and validation.

We leverage on advanced skills in the fields of virtual reality, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) and Industry 4.0 related technologies.

Based on a dedicated meeting, without prior commitment, Trans-Tech collects all the elements to formulate the best solution to offer.

The advantage for our customers lies on the relation with over thirty-year experience staff with which can deal with all the necessary issues and benefit from different assumptions approach for an effective, efficient and economical solution to the needs.

Thanks to the skills of its staff, combined with available large and diverse pool of the Open Enterprise expertise and resources, Trans-Tech is capable to intervene quickly and effectively in any task and in any moment of the development of your project.

Via A.Omodeo, 107 - 80128 - Napoli