Trans-Tech technology transfer goes far beyond the creation of networks of companies and transfer of patents. Trans-Tech understands the potentialities of technologies developed in heterogeneous contexts and analyses them for use in applications other than the original one.

The variety of technologies that Trans-Tech handles since more than 30 years of technological development, the breadth and diversification of its international network, participation in innovative development projects allow a broad vision of the opportunities for cross-use of systems from an industrial sector to another.

Trans-Tech explores the opportunities of technology dissemination from the "owner" side and the need for innovation from the "user" side, defining their introduction and use in several contexts.

Utilization of aerospace technology, development of innovative systems and processes by "Industry 4.0" philosophy, development of innovative strategies to reduce pollution and environmental impact. These are just some examples of the topics Trans-Tech covers.

Trans-Tech facilitates cooperation between complementary businesses that can take advantage of the reciprocal skills, by a scouting activity, then managing the relationship, and finally offering tutorship on both the "owner" and "user" sides.

Are you planning an innovation project but running out of internal resources? Trans-Tech will provide you with a stable and appropriate support to drive you on this journey.

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