Working to build a sustainable
human resources supply chain
for the European Defence Industry

Valuable for the continuous improvement process of its offer of training courses, Trans-Tech is strongly interested in the developments and results of the European ASSETs+ project and is pleased to contribute to its dissemination.

Alliance for Strategic Skills Addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence

Industry 4.0, business digitalization, artificial intelligence and KETs are increasingly taking center stage, not as buzzwords but as pillars for innovation in business sectors at a global level. The defence sector is no exception.

Accordingly, all players involved in this field are experiencing evolution in both business processes and human resources: the former in regard to technological advancements; the latter regarding the skills needed to exploit such technologies in the proper way. In particular, human resources need to possess or develop new knowledge, abilities and competences to help companies complete the quantum leap which is expected from the ”fourth industrial revolution”.

The problem facing the European defence industry is two-fold:
1. it is experiencing difficulty in finding the necessary skills in order to sustain its leadership, competitiveness and sustainability in the medium-to-long-term;
2. aging staff and difficulties in engaging and keeping young professionals are preventing the sector from reshaping company capabilities and creating new, attractive jobs opportunities for talented workers of any age.

The ASSETs+ project aspires to build a sustainable human resources supply chain which allows defence sector companies to innovate by both attracting highly-skilled young workers and upskilling their employees thanks to customized, complementary education & training programs addressing three main technologies Robotics - C4ISTAR and Cybersecurity aspects related to the first two.

ASSETs+ has been kicked-off on 23-24 Jan 2020 at a workshop in Bruxelles by the whole consortium, made up of 30 members including universities, industries, training providers and cluster partners from 8 European Countries.

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